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History of Rajasthan


Be it a historian, art and culture lover or a common traveler, the history of Rajasthan always remains part of the vacation itinerary. Any trip to Rajasthan is incomplete without exploring the historic attractions of the state that are situated in and around major cities and tourist destinations. Rajasthan, often referred to as the land of Kings (Maharajas) is bestowed with a rich historic past. As per the records the history of Rajasthan dates back to around 5000 years ago. The portions of northern part of Rajasthan used to be at the centre of renowned Indus Valley Civilization. Initially the region was called as Gurjaratra, which literally means a country protected or the land ruled by the Gurjars. Later on the state of Rajasthan came to known as Rajputana during the rule of Muslim emperors.


The historic land of Rajasthan is known for its connection of Rajput warriors, who were famous for their heroic deeds during the battle with enemies on the war-ground. In addition to valour Rajputs, many other dynasties had ruled over the region of Rajasthan and left the glimpses of their rule in the buildings erected by them for residential purpose and safety from the enemies at high altitudes on hills.

Even today the magnificent forts, beautiful palaces, exquisite mansions and old monuments describe the rich history of Rajasthan. There are many old temples and religious across Rajasthan that provide a glimpse of old history. Once you are in Rajasthan must explore the historic spots of the state and closely observe the age-old culture and traditions.

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