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Rajasthan Culture


Rajasthan is having a very rich historic past as the region had been ruled by many dynasties and powerful emperors. The ancient rulers of Rajasthan were having their own way of ruling the state and living style. Hence, over the years, the state of Rajasthan became an amalgamation of varied cultures that altogether provided a unique identity to the state. Even today the age-old culture and traditions of Rajasthan can be witnessed in the forts, palaces, ancient monuments and lifestyle of locals. Since long time the state of Rajasthan had been a place of great interest for tourists and anthropologists who visit the state have to experience the local culture.


This is a widely known fact that Rajasthan has a vibrant and dominating culture or the population of the state is also referred as vibrant. Once in Rajasthan, you can see cross sections of the society in various cities and towns of the state. People of Rajasthan appear quite different in their appearance, outlook and traditional values. The popular local dresses of the people are marked with bright and catchy colours. Similarly, the old buildings like palaces and havelis (mansions) are beautifully decorated with attractive colours that depict the culture of Rajasthan. Fairs and festivals are also portraying the vibrant culture of the state. Many local fairs and festivals are celebrated with great pomp and gaiety, and they are marked by traditional cultural practices, rituals, religious practices and entertaining performances. The folklore of Rajasthan in the forms of music and dance is very popular and presents a glimpse of the culture of the state.

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