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Do's & Don'ts of Travel

Exploring the new destinations brings many enriching and fascinating experiences for the travellers. However, less knowledge or little carelessness can spoil travelling enthusiasm and you may come across unpleasant circumstances. Hence, it is always recommended to take the general travel tips about Do's and Don's that make a trip to any destination memorable and cherishing. Follow the below mentioned travel tips and enjoy the holiday at the fullest:

  • Do extensive reading about the new place you are planning to travel and know about it's history, culture, customs, laws and politics.
  • Respect the religious sentiments and culture of the place you are planning to visit
  • Do make sure you have a properly signed, valid passport and visas, if required, and also don't forget to fill in your emergency information page of your passport. Beware of your passport expiry date.
  • Must keep the track of climate of the place you are planning to visit because climate in different areas vary and it may be complicated for you. It is always advised to travel a new place as per the weather that suits you.
  • Always try to avoid wearing conspicuous clothing and expensive jewelery along with caring unnecessary huge amount of money. Carry clothes according to the weather suitable to the area of travel.
  • Don't forget to carry an updated map of the place you are going to visit. Hiring a professional guide is also recommended.
  • Must carry a first aid box for treatment in case of any unprecedented emergency. Do carry basic regular medicines along with you for symptoms like cold, fever, headache and acidity.
  • Carry the food items and other essentials in airtight jars or packets.
  • Make the flight book, rail reservation and hotel booking in advance to avoid any sort of problem later. Do make sure if the agent is providing the free and secure transportation to and from the airport / railway station.
  • Do order for special meals if you have any food restriction.
  • Must carry the rain - protective boots for travelling to snowy or rainy regions.
  • Try to avoid visiting the place that has been affected by any epidemic . Go for vaccinations if required to travel to the place of your choice. You must know the standard hygiene and the potential hazards.

Travel Tips

Travelling to a new destination is always a thrilling experience and liked by all from children to elders. The vast country of India is one of the most visited nations in the world and draws tourists from across the globe. A trip to India is a memorable experience and you get lots of things to see and activities to do around the country. However, it is always advised to know the facts and essential details of a new destination before you start your expedition to avoid any unpleasant circumstance. We know almost every nook and corner of India very well and give handy travel tips to travellers visiting the country. By following the general travel tips for India you can explore and experience the charming country in the best way. Read as much as possible about the place that you wish to visit in India, and know about the country's history, culture, customs, policies and rules. Always make sure you have a properly signed and valid passport and visas, and beware of the expiry date of your passport. Keep the regular track of climate of the place you are planning to visit. It is always advised to make the plan according to the weather that suits you the best and carry the comfortable clothes. Do carry the an updated map of the place you are willing to travel along with a first aid box and common medicines to face any unprecedented emergencies. You are also advised to carry the essential food items to in packets and air-tight containers to survive in the worst conditions. Always book your air tickets, train tickets including hotel rooms in advance to enjoy your holiday without any type of hassle.


Safety is a major concern while you are visiting a new destination in your nation or abroad. Likewise, the safety concern applies for the Indian subcontinent as the country battles with various types of safety related issues. The border areas of India touching Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh battle with the problem of illegal infiltration of militants. Similarly, few regions of the country are badly affected with Maoists who can take lives of common people for their demands. Along with these there are many other instances that generate safety concern for all especially tourists visiting the country from different parts of the world. However, there is no need to worry for safety issues while anyone is planning a trip to India. In fact, by following the safety guidelines and proper enquiry of the issues, you can experience the best of India without any fear.

You are suggested to have complete knowledge about the places where there are possibilities of terrorist attack. Enquire with the security officials and army about the threat prone area and better avoid visiting those areas. Always remain attentive in big markets, malls and other crowded places as there are chances of terrorist attacks around these places. Do avoid visiting areas of instability besides those places where political or religious tensions are going on, as you might get trapped in some type of dharna (protest) or closure. Always pay close attention to your personal security and monitor the local media reports including sources of information about the safety and security risks. Take special care while exploring the states of Jammu & Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and north-eastern state.

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