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Fairs and Festivals of Rajasthan

Fairs and festivals are integral part of the people of Rajasthan. Every region of the desert state has its own fair and festival that depicts the distinct culture and traditions. Fairs of Rajasthan are mainly inclined at providing endless amusements and are complemented by attractive singing and dancing performances. On the other hand, the festivals of Rajasthan have the dominance of religious attributes, and celebrated with age-old rituals and ceremonies. Fairs and festivals are the most exciting moments to closely observe the vivid pictures of the desert land of Rajasthan. You also get a close view of the ancient traditions piously followed and practiced by the colourful people of this bright state.

The popular fairs and festivals of Rajasthan are Pushkar Fair, Shekhawati Fair, Camel Festival, Elephant Festival, Desert Festival, Teej Festival, Nagaur Festival, Gangaur Festival, Mewar Festival, Kite Festival and Urs of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti in Ajmer. Most of the famous festivals of Rajasthan are actively participated by both gents and ladies. In fact, in some festivals women play a vital role and celebrated with much devotion by them in comparison to men folk. If you get a chance to visit Rajasthan during popular festivals, you can witness the common practices like decoration of houses, main markets and religious places. In addition to these, the fairs and festivals of Rajasthan are marked by processions, elephant marches, camel marches, offerings in temples and their deities, chanting of devotional hymns, preparation of delectable Rajasthani dishes, and more. Similarly, fairs of Rajasthan are more like carnivals, where you can see amusing cultural performances of the local artists. The food stalls, small open markets and some exciting games like tug-of-war altogether provide the place a distinct identity of its own.

Fairs and Festivals of Rajasthan:

  • Festival
  • Dussehra Festival
  • Pushkar fair
  • Diwali Festival
  • Camel Festival
  • Nagaur Festival
  • Desert Festival
  • Elephant Festival
  • Gangaur Festival
  • Mewar Fastival
  • Teej Festival
  • Place
  • -----
  • Pushkar
  • -----
  • Bikaner
  • Nagaur
  • Jaisalmer
  • Jaipur
  • Jaipur
  • Udaipur
  • Jaipur
  • Date
  • 14 October 2013
  • 9 / 17 November 2013
  • 3 November 2013
  • 15 / 16 January 2014
  • 6 / 9 February 2014
  • 12 / 14 February 2014
  • 16 March 2014
  • 2 / 3 April 2014
  • 2 / 4 April 2014
  • 30 / 31 July 2014

Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan is one of the most visited destinations of the state, which is known for its historic attractions, tourist places and annually celebrated Elephant Festival. One of the most popular festivals of Rajasthan, Elephant Festival is celebrated on the occasion of Holi that usually falls on March every year. Elephant Festival is a very happening festival of Jaipur celebrated with great pomp and gaiety.

Gangaur Festival is an important festival celebrated across the entire state of Rajasthan. The festival is celebrated on the first day of Chaitra month according to Hindu calendar, which usually falls in the month of March-April. Gangaur Festival is the only festival, which is celebrated from 18 days to one month. Dedicated to goddess Parvati, who was also known by the name Gauri, Gangaur Festival marks an auspicious day for womenfolk. The women in Rajasthan celebrate the festival with zeal and devotion and pay homage to goddess Parvati – the consort of Lord Shiva.

Udaipur, fondly called the city of Lake is one of the major cities of Rajasthan and thronged by tourists for its attractions and colourful festivals celebrated by the locals. Festivals have a special significance among the locals residing in Udaipur. They celebrate each and every festival in unique way with lots of customs and activities. Mewar Festival is an important festival of Udaipur, which is celebrated with high enthusiasm by locals.

Teej Festival is one of the most happening festivals of Rajasthan, which is celebrated at a large level by the people of state. The festival is celebrated to welcome the Hindu month of ‘Shravan’, which marks the onset of monsoon. Teej Festival falls in the month of July-August and mainly celebrated by the womenfolk. Devoted to goddess Parvati and believed to bring bliss and prosperity to the married couples. According to Hindu mythology, Parvati was reunited to Lord Shiva on third day of Shravan after a penance that lasted for about 100 years.

Set on the edge of Great Indian Thar Desert, Pushkar is a small town renowned as an important pilgrimage spot for the followers of Hinduism religion. Pushkar is located along the banks of picturesque lake of the same name with 52 ghats. The town surprises all with around 400 small and big temples dedicated to many Hindu gods and goddesses. In fact, Pushkar is home to only Brahma Temple in India that makes it more auspicious for the devotees.

Fondly called the ‘Ship of Desert’, Camel is one of the integral and essential parts of Rajasthan and its people. The locals in Rajasthan many specific festival with active participation of camels such festivals are called Camel Festival. Among the many camel festivals, Pushkar Camel Festival and Bikaner Camel Festival are very famous and revered by all. As the name suggests the Camels become the celebrity figures during the festival.

A small town in the desert state of Rajasthan, Nagaur is widely known for its annual fair which is celebrated during the months of January and February. One of the most celebrated festivals of the region and state, Nagaur Fair is participated from different parts of the state and other parts of the country. Not only the traders, the fair is participated by artisans, performers and people of different ages from children to youths and elders. During Nagaur Fair a large number of livestock are brought for participation and their deal.

The city of Jaisalmer is situated in the north-west region of Rajasthan in the desert belt of ‘Great Indian Thar Desert’. The local topography of Jaisalmer and its adjoining areas have a great influence on the lifestyle of common people. This area is culturally rich and even today people follow the age-old culture and traditions. Once in a year the local people of Jaisalmer take a break from the mundane daily life and celebrate the Desert Festival on the sands of Thar Desert.

Dussehra Festival also called as Durga Puja is one of the biggest festivals celebrated in many parts of India including the desert state of Rajasthan. Literally meaning the 10th Day, Dussehra is the tenth day of Hindu month of Ashwin with pomp and gaiety. The 10 days festival is celebrated with high zest and festivities during the month of October every year, with every day of festival is having its own significance and rituals. Dussehra also marks the onset of winter season that provides a respite from hot and humid days of monsoon season.

Diwali, also called as Deepawali is one of the most important and big festivals of north India and celebrated all through Rajasthan. People impatiently wait for Diwali as the festival brings lots of excitement and joy to hearts. Diwali Fesitval is devoted to Laxmi, the goddess of prosperity and wealth. The preparations for Diwali Festival begins well in advance, people start decorating their houses, buy new clothes and jewellery from the nearby markets. Special sweets and snacks are also prepared to celebrate the festival of Diwali.

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