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Camel Festival


Fondly called the ‘Ship of Desert’, Camel is one of the integral and essential parts of Rajasthan and its people. The locals in Rajasthan many specific festival with active participation of camels such festivals are called Camel Festival. Among the many camel festivals, Pushkar Camel Festival and Bikaner Camel Festival are very famous and revered by all. As the name suggests the Camels become the celebrity figures during the festival. The camel festival in Rajasthan is celebrated like carnival in which a variety of activities are organized. The hosts of activities performed by camels with their owners against the magnificent backdrop of sands make the whole scene mystical. The rich music and dance performances of the local artists add more enthusiasm.

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You can say that the festival is a very special treat for camels as the locals adorn their pets with beautiful ornaments and some traditional cast metals. People from Pushkar and other parts of Rajasthan participate in the festival with their beautifully adorned camels that totally leave the tourists amused. Camel Festival begins with huge pomp and gaiety with walk of camels in a procession, which is followed many interesting performances including dance performance. Even the camel owners step in with their pets in dance and other individual performances. Tourists become very excited after seeing the performances of camels on the command of their trainers / owners, and offer gifts to participants as well. The camels do take part in the race and the winners are given away rewards by the organizers. Entertaining activities like tug-of-war, tricks and feats of courage performed by the local entertainers are also part of the camel festival. Want to plan holidays during Camel festival? Check below our featured packages or drop your enquiry and we shall get back to you shortly.

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