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Desert Festival


The city of Jaisalmer is situated in the north-west region of Rajasthan in the desert belt of ‘Great Indian Thar Desert’. The local topography of Jaisalmer and its adjoining areas have a great influence on the lifestyle of common people. This area is culturally rich and even today people follow the age-old culture and traditions. Once in a year the local people of Jaisalmer take a break from the mundane daily life and celebrate the Desert Festival on the sands of Thar Desert. You can say that Desert Festival is one of the main features of Jaisalmer and provides unique identity to the city. Desert Festival is celebrated during the months of January and February on the sandy stretches of Thar. Most of the events and activities are celebrated are organized in the open over the sands hence it gives the name Desert Festival to the festival.


Desert Festival sees a host of activities and thrilling performances. The festival showcases a variety of cultural and traditional practices, and entertaining performances of the artists. The festival also provides a glimpse of the culture that the locals are following since the foundation of the city in 12th Century A.D. Since the festival is essentially a cultural festival hence the performances of the locals in colourful attires and ornaments play an important role in the celebrations. Some of the major highlights of Desert Festival of Jaisalmer are folk music and dance performances, turban tying competition, camel races, tug-of-war, artistic skills performed by local artisans and beautiful setting up of crafts shops. Want to plan holidays during Desert festival? Check below our featured packages or drop your enquiry and we shall get back to you shortly.

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