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Teej Festival

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Teej Festival is one of the most happening festivals of Rajasthan, which is celebrated at a large level by the people of state. The festival is celebrated to welcome the Hindu month of ‘Shravan’, which marks the onset of monsoon. Teej Festival falls in the month of July-August and mainly celebrated by the womenfolk. Devoted to goddess Parvati and believed to bring bliss and prosperity to the married couples. According to Hindu mythology, Parvati was reunited to Lord Shiva on third day of Shravan after a penance that lasted for about 100 years. The popular legend marks the celebration of Teej Festival. The festival is also celebrated to mark other attributes of monsoon like the high productivity brought up by the rainy season. People living in remote areas of Rajasthan especially those dependent on cultivation impatiently wait for the anticipation of the Teej Festival.

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Teej is famous as the festival of swings and all around the region swings are installed to mark the festival. Swings are installed over the hanging branches of the tress and beautifully decorated with colourful flowers. Along with passing thrilling time in swings, women prepare delectable special dishes on the festival day. They do participate in singing and dancing during Teej Festival. In the capital city of Jaipur a huge procession is carried out with image of goddess Parvati, also referred as ‘Teej Mata’. The procession of Teej Festival is followed by marching of beautifully adorned elephants, camels and horses. The idol of goddess Parvati is carried in palanquin and usually carried by a group of brightly dressed men. Besides the procession, the cities of Rajasthan shines in bloom as the homes, worshipping places and bazaars are exquisitely decorated. Want to plan holidays during Teej festival? Check below our featured packages or drop your enquiry and we shall get back to you shortly.

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