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Bundi, an undiscovered traditional place 36 kms away from Kota is a beautiful small town in the state of Rajasthan. It is one amongst the unfamiliar cities of Rajasthan with rich historical importance. Aravalli hills surround Bundi on three sides.

Historical monuments such as palaces, forts, medieval forts, temples, havelis and idols of stones and an amazing cenotaph with carved pillars with beautiful lake in the heart of the town, adds to the place's charisma.

There are a number of tourist attractions and a few prime ones are mentioned below:


This fort was built in 1354 with its impressive stone structure and is situated on a steep hill, has massive ramparts. The fort is built on the top of the hill having a height of 500 meters by Rao Singh bar. The huge door in the fort welcomes travelers. Inside the fort you can see Bhim Burj which is the largest platform and also a massive water tank. From the Taragarh fort the entire beautiful Bundi city can be seen.

Bundi palace:

This magnificent palace is an example of the rajput architecture, housing a number of beautiful and amazingly carved Bundi murals.

Kajl teej:

The teej festival is celebrated in every city of the state having respective unique feel. Although the teej procession is for just two days, but the festivities continue long till the eighth day and finally end on Janmashthami, lord Krishna's birthday.

Chatter Mahal:

A steep paved path is the only way through which you can reach the palace. Special attractions in the palace are the "gate of thousand", Hathi pole with ancient water clock, Naubat Khana and Diwaane-e-aam.

84 pillared monument:

This memorial is quite famous in Bundi having 84 pillars in one cenotaph with a Shivlingam in the center. This monument was erected by Rao Anirudh.


Chirashala was a palace in the ancient times which then was converted to art gallery showcasing miniature murals. Beautiful and colorful paintings on the walls portray scenes from the royal life of the rulers, culture, tradition, and painting of Lord Krishna etc.

Nawal sagar:

Visible from the Bundi fort, Nawal sagar is the artificial lake interrupted by islands, stands a temple dedicated to Varuna in the center of this artificial lake. The tourist can see the reflection of the city as well as the palaces in the lake. This is what makes the place exclusive attraction of Bundi.

Phool sagar:

This is a 20th century palace having an artificial reservoir and charming gardens. This palace is presently the residence of the former ruler. In order to visit the place, prior permission of the Secretary is mandatory.


This town was founded by a group of discontented family influential Poddar merchant in the year 1971. Ramgarh was one amongst the wealthiest cities in the late 19th century.


It is a 45 meter deep well with wonderful carvings on its pillars and an domed gate that was built in 1699AD by Rani Nathavatji.

Rajasthan is very popular for its glorious hasty and Bundi is one amongst the historical cities of Rajasthan.

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