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Rajasthan Desert Tour Packages


Desert and the state of Rajasthan are synonymous to each other and it seems both are completing its respective identities. Known worldwide for Great Indian Thar Desert, the state of Rajasthan pulls travelers to experience a unique topography and charming lifestyle of people accompanied by music, dance and colourful dresses. Rajasthan Desert Tour Packages provides you a wonderful opportunity to explore the vast sandy stretches of Great Indian Thar Desert across Rajasthan. The specially customized Rajasthan Desert Tour Packages take you to far-off areas of the state, which are having golden sands as the main landscape and thrills the travelers a lot.

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Camel, the sheep of Desert is the best mode of transport to cover the desert areas of Rajasthan. Camel Safari remains a preferred choice for the common travelers and adventure seekers coming to Rajasthan. All round the state of Rajasthan Camel Safaris are available in various options, from a short journey through a small Rajasthani village or a long-distance expedition lasting a few days or a week. While on the camel back enjoy the sight en-route that is going to mesmerize you and would remain as a part of your most treasured memories. Camel Safaris from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer to Sam Sand Dunes to Bikaner are the most popular routes in Rajasthan. You can also go for Camel Safair in the Shekhawati region of the state the comprised of the town of Churu, Dundlod, Nawalgarh, Mandawa and Ramgarh. Jeep Safari and Horse Safari are other options apart from Camel Safari, which are used to explore and experience the far-away areas situated in deserts of Rajasthan. Check out our Best of Rajasthan Desert Tour Packages below.

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