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Rajasthan Tribal Tour Packages


Rajasthan is a mysterious land mainly referred for its long association with valour Rajput rulers who had erected several forts, palaces and monuments during their regime. The desert land of Rajasthan is inhabited by people of various religious believes, castes and creeds. However, very few know another interesting aspect of Rajasthan, which is the tribals residing in remote areas of the state and follow age-old culture and traditions. Rajasthan Tribal Tour Packages take you to tribal dominated areas of the state and provide you a chance to meet and experience their unique lifestyle far away from the bustling cities and metros.


Rajasthan Tribat Tour Packages is once in a lifetime experience that takes you hundreds and thousands of kilometers away from today’s ultra-modern civilized world, where there are no television sets, no beauty parlours, nothing but the primordial life style. It takes you to places in Rajasthan where people still travel on foot, where people are too shy to face the camera and where food is still prepared over burning woods.


Usually tribals are concentrated in the areas close to wildlife and forests, where they still follow the old tradition of hunting of rodents, reptiles, etc. for their livelihood. Some of the tribals work as snake charmers and entertain people with thrilling performances of their pet snakes. The tribals do involve their small kids in nerve-stopping acrobatic performances such as walking on thin string fixed by temporary poles on both sides, jumping on fire, gymnastics, etc. Although the concerned are raised about the children of tribals who hardly get two time meals and go to school, but the tribals themselves are very punctual and devoted towards their customs and traditions, and hardly give attention to proper grooming of their children. Check Out our best of Rajasthan Tribal Tour Packages below.

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